07. Barbara Allen (air & tunes)

Barbara Allen (slow air)
The Ballynure Ballad (song air)
The Pig in a Poke (single jig)
The Corner House (reel)

A slow air and a selection of tunes which is one of Desi’s favourite sets. Barbara Allen is one of the major English language “classic” ballads, sung in hundreds of versions from Conamara to Appalachia.

The Ballynure Ballad is another piece collected by the Belfast composer Herbert Hughes in the early 1900s.

The Pig in a Poke is our own temporary name for this single jig, since Desi can’t remember where he picked it up or what it was called. It sounds like a transformation into single-jig tempo of the Dogs Among the Bushes Reel or of Con Cassidy’s Highland….. Any suggestions?

The Corner House needs no introduction – a staple of the traditional Irish musician, it is heard regularly all over our little planet.