05. Tú Féin / Just You and Me (song)

The original Irish-language song text was notated by Patrick Lynch from Nancy McLoughlin at John Gavan’s tavern, Drummin, near Westport, Co. Mayo, Thurs.10 June 1802. Lynch, from Loughinisland, County Down had walked all the way from Drogheda on the East coast to Mayo on the West, finding singers and writing down their Irish-language songs texts for the Belfast music-collector, Edward Bunting, who was to follow on and write down the tunes. Lynch’s work provides the first evidence we have of what ordinary Irish people were actually singing at the time. Many of the songs sung by women (often with their husbands present) had a very open and non-salacious attitude to sexual matters (in fact, in this song the young girl says, “I am NOT ashamed!”).

Bunting, unfortunately, never published Lynch’s wonderful texts and translations. In fact, they still remain unpublished.

The musical arrangement in this song is Seán’s attempt to re-join Lynch’s text with Bunting’s musical notes. Each verse in Irish is followed by a translation verse in English.


Má thagann tú choíche ná tar ach san oíche
Siúil go réidh is ná scanraigh mé;
Tá an mada chomh socair is ní labhróidh sé focal
Ní náir dhó é, is maith ‘ mhúin mise é,   ‘s maith ‘ mhúin mise é.

It’s if you come, O please come in the nightime
Don’t waken the house and slip silently in
And don’t fear the dog; he will not make a sound
For I have him well trained, I have him well trained,
I have him well trained,

Tá mo Mhaimí ina codladh is mo Dhaidí dhá bogadh
Is  a’ pógadh a béil, is a’ pógadh a béil
Nach aoibhinn dise is nach trua leat mise
I mo luí liom péin ar leabaidh clúmh éin, ar leabaidh clúmh éin.

My mammy and daddy in bed they are rolling
They hug and they kis, O they kiss and they hug
‘Tis well for them O but I am downhearted
As I lie here alone on my bed of soft down, my bed of soft down

’S é do lib is do leab is do sheanbhríste craicinn
Do bhásaigh mé is nár shásaigh mé,
Is gur le do chuid tuisleogadh stróic tú mo phluideoga
Thú féin is mé féin, thú féin is mé féin, thú féin is mé féin!

O your flipping and flopping in your old leather britches
Have left me frustrated and unsatisfied
All your wriggling and kicking has just torn my blankets-
O God! You and me! O just you and me, O just you and me!

Och is míle osna aice tá mo chroí tuirseach
Is ní náir dhom e – ní náir dhom é;
Tá an oíche ar a tosach agus luí ar t’obair
Thú féin is mé féin – thú féin is mé féin, thú féin is mé féin!

I sigh and I sob and with lust I am burning
And I’m not ashamed, and I’m not ashamed
The night’s just beginning so start up your engine
O just you and me, O just you and me, O just you and me